your average agency!

Who we are

Welcome to Atkinson Insurance Group where we specialize in personal lines insurance in the Portland Metro area. Located in the Beaverton Community for over 30 years, our staff is dedicated to serving our clients by providing protection for their families. The ultimate goal of the agency is to serve our clients well so that we may able to serve and give back in our community and around the world to those who will never be our clients.

Why we do it!


At our agency, giving back is a primary focus, which is why we quarterly feature and donate to a worthy local non-profit. You can be involved in the giving by simply referring your friends or family to our agency. In addition to our regular contributions, we make donations each time someone is referred to our agency. This encourages people to refer friends and family to us so that we can not only serve those referrals with their protection needs but also give more to different local organizations.