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Record rainfall, damaging winds and huge surf all happening Tuesday

The giant fire hose of the Pacific Ocean, aka the Atmospheric River, aimed at us Tuesday is considered strong which means it is beneficial, yes, but also mostly hazardous. Too much of a good thing.

Winter storm blankets Northwest in sleet and freezing rain, leaves thousands without power

A winter storm hit Thursday night, covering the region in sleet, making many roads treacherous and leaving thousands without power.

Hazardous Freezing Storm Predicted Across Oregon Into Christmas Weekend

If you are travelling before Christmas in Oregon, be prepared for extreme weather as across Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington is expected to get hit with a “trainwreck of nasty pre-Christmas weather” according to KOIN. The hazardous weather could potentially cause downed trees, power outages and traffic collisions as a result of the freezing temperatures. […]

Tips for winter-proofing homes, avoiding frozen pipes

Experts say getting your home winter-ready ahead of a storm can help avoid expensive repairs down the road from frozen pipes to ice dams.

Wheeler declares emergency in Portland; weather alerts issued as ice storm looms

Mayor Ted Wheeler has declared an Emergency Declaration for the City of Portland as a rush of arctic air is forecast to glaze the metro area with snow and freezing rain.

Extreme Northwest weather could threaten lives, snarl traffic, down powerlines

Forecasters say Portland could see the coldest temperatures in two decades and Eastern and Central Oregon could experience wind chills of 25 degrees below zero.

Portland structures may not withstand the Big One, experts say

Experts say when it comes to "The Big One," a lot of it is a waiting game as it could happen today, tomorrow or 100 years from now. With that, experts say Portland is not really ready for it -- at least not structurally.

Two coastal counties in Oregon practice emergency response to disasters

Earlier this month, Coos and Curry County came together to plan for the worst-case disaster scenario. We hear how these trainings went and how Oregonians can be prepared for an emergency.

Oregon South Coast prepares for natural disasters

Throughout the summer, emergency response managers in Coos and Curry counties on Oregon's south coast held a series of exercises to prepare for the big earthquake, a major tsunami, or other disasters.

3.5 magnitude quake shakes off Oregon coast

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the Oregon coast early Thursday morning.

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