Own a home? Here are two policy options you should know about

Own a home? Here are two policy options you should know about If you have a homeowners insurance policy, you’re probably confident that it will cover all of the costs of rebuilding your home if it is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. But are you confident that you have enough coverage? Read about […]

Did you know? You can access your policies on our website!

We have a client portal where you can log in and view all of your insurance policies online! Our agency client portal is easy to use and allows you to access any of your policies, regardless of which company they are insured with. You can also print ID Cards, evidence of insurance, or request a […]

What happens when your insurance policy renews?

Your insurance policy is up for renewal but what does that mean? Does your policy renew automatically? Do we review things for you? What about home remodels, changes in drivers, or how many miles you drive? Here at Atkinson Insurance Group, we have an internal renewal process. Kelli pulls a daily report of all upcoming […]

The Washington State Credit Scoring Ban and What it Means for You

Credit Scoring Ban

On June 20, 2021, some big changes are hitting insurance carriers and their members in Washington state. These changes are due to an emergency order that was passed in March by the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler. The order prohibits insurance carriers from using a person’s credit information when determining their policy, rates, and underwriting. Rates for some will increase considerably, while others may see a slight reduction.

Think Renter’s Insurance is Only for Your “Stuff”? Think Again!


Clients often think they don’t need renters insurance — “Nothing I have is worth that much,” they’ll say, or “I don’t have a lot of stuff.” That’s how most people think of renter’s coverage: protection for stuff, and nothing more. After all, it’s inexpensive and it doesn’t even cover the structure itself. So how important […]

Heavy Rain? Be on the Lookout for Heavy Damage


Your home protects you from the elements, but heavy rains can weaken that protection. With a little maintenance and a lot of vigilance, it’s not hard to stay safe and dry. Spring rainstorms are a fact of life in many areas of the country, and they help keep things green, even if they keep you […]