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Incident Overview:

The Nakia Creek Fire, located 9 miles northeast of Camas WA in Clark County, and is burning in the Larch Block of the Yacolt Burn State Forest. The fire is at approximately 2000 acres in size and is currently 5 percent contained. The fire is burning on extremely steep ground. Firefighters are preparing direct control lines along the flanks of the fire. Fire behavior has been smoldering and creeping with some torching observed and shortrange spotting. The potential for fire growth remains and containment lines are being put in place. 

(Daily Upates Below Picture)

10/16/2022 9:00 pm Update: Black Hole Incident Level 1 Notifications

We have an additional area that are now under a “Level 1, Be Ready” evacuation notice near Chelatchie Prairie. This fire is called the Black Hole Incident and overlaps some of the the Big Hollow fire area from 2020.

Black Hole Incident 10/16/2022 9:00pm

10/16/2022 8:30 pm Update:

Fire Officials estimate the #NakiaCreekFire today grew from 156 acres to about 2000 acres.   The easterly winds were so strong today that air assets were grounded at times for safety. New Containment is listed at 5%.

Please note this is a very rough estimate as there is so much smoke in the air, it is difficult to get a good visual on the fire.  We believe we will have better numbers by morning.

We are hearing of additional fires near Chelatchie Prairie and Sunset Campground within Clark County and several in Skamania County as well. 

CRESA sent out multiple notification alerts today including a Wireless Emergency Alert.  Please be sure you are looking at the most current map and updates for the most accurate notification areas. The most current information can be found at:  

At this time we have:

28,765 homes under “Level 1 Be Ready” Notice  (Nakia Creek Fire)

5017 homes under “Level 2 Be Set” Notice 

2903 homes under “Level 3 Go Now” Notice

We have been working with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Clark County Public Works and Clark County Search and Rescue to close roads and notify homes within the evacuation zones.  

At this time Clark County has also signed an Emergency Declaration due to the fires. 

Additionally American Red Cross has opened a shelter in Camas at:

  • Camas Church of Nazarene 
  • 2204 NE Birch St,
  • Camas, WA 98607

The Cowlitz Tribe and Ilani has also made parking lots available for vehicles as well:

  • Parking Lots 10 and 11
  • Please put a sign in window “Fire Evacuee”
  • Parking Only, Gray water will need to be dumped at Gee Creek Rest Area

CRESA EOC Volunteers have also staffed a call center to assist anyone seeking assistance. The number is staffed 7am to 10pm .  Please call 360-992-9229

Nakia Creek Fire Updated Evacuation Zones 10/16/2022 Afternoon

Call Center Line or Assistance:

10/16/2022 2:00 PM Update:

Nakia Creek Fire Evacuation Notice Changes:
Fire Activty has increase due to the severe weather conditions we have had over the past 2 days.
Evacaution Notices have been sent out and increased on the Nakia Creek Fire. This is in the area of the L1500 and L1560 roads off of Jones Creek Road.

Attached you will find a new map with roads identified for evacuation.

Anyone now within the red zone of the fire are in a Level 3 GO NOW Evacuation Notice

Anyone with yellow zone of the fire are now in a Level 2 BE SET Evacuation Notice

Anyone with green zone of the fire of the fire are now in a Level 1 BE READY Evacuation Notice

Please Understand that this is a very dynamic situation and if you are anywhere near this area, you should take precautions to evacuate. Additional maps and evacuations may still to come…

  • 360-992-9229

Shelter Location Open at:

  • Camas Church of Nazarene 
  • 2204 NE Birch St,
  • Camas, WA 98607

Ilani Casino and Resort Parking Lots 10 & 11:

  • Parking Lots 10 and 11
  • Please put a sign in window “Fire Evacuee”
  • Parking Only, Gray water will need to be dumped at Gee Creek Rest Area

Livestock Shelter Location:

  • Executive Horse Council
  • Call 360-607-2535 for Assistance

Media Staging Area:
Grove Field
600 NE 267th Ave,
Camas, WA 98607

Nakia Creek Fire GIS Interactive Map

10/16/2022 11:15 AM Update:

Changes have once again been made to the Evacuation Zones for the Nakia Creek Fire.

Anyone now within 3.5 miles of the fire are in a Level 3 GO NOW Evacuation Notice

Anyone with 4.5 miles of this fire are now in a Level 2 BE SET Evacuation Notice

Anyone with 5.5 miles of the fire are now in a Level 1 BE READY Evacuation Notice

Please Understand that this is a very dynamic situation and if you are anywhere near this area, you should take precautions to evacuate. Better updated map still to come…

10/16/2022 10:30 AM Update:

Individuals previously in “Level 2 Be Set” are now in a “Level 3 GO NOW” Status.

Individuals that were previously in a “Level 1 Be Ready” are now in a “Level 2 Get Set” Status

We have increased our “Level 1 Be Ready” to a 4 mile peremeter of the fire.

Additionally we are working with the American Red Cross to open a shelter location in Washougal. That location will be shared shortly.

Those in “Level 3 Go Now” should evacuate to the south toward Washougal River Road into Washougal.

Updated Evacuation Zones 11:15 AM
Changed Nakia Creek Fire Evacuation Zones 106/16/22 10:30 AM

10/16/2022 Update:

Sunday Morning Update:

As a FYI, our Red Flag warning was extended through today… With that said… Firelines held well yesterday and we have improved containment numbers on the fire. The #NakiaCreekFire is now estimated at 20% contained.

At this time there are NO changes to current evacuation zones… Please do not Call 911 or 311 for information on the fire.

A couple key take aways:

  • With the extreme warm temps, low humidity and high winds (still getting gusts over 30 mph up on the ridge) some islands of trees within the fire as well as stumps within the fire zone are kicking up some pretty good flames. This is actually a good thing. It allows crews to locate these hot spots and helps burn off addtional dangers.
  • Crews really plan on shoring up the NW side of this fire today and continue to make improvements.
  • So Folks.. we need your assistance… PLEASE Stay out of the closed areas so firefighters can do their jobs! There were a couple close calls yesterday with some motorcylces as well as hunters..
  • NOTE All Trails and hunting within the fire zone are CLOSED to the public. Map attached below
  • As a final closing note, I heard the Incident Commander this morning tell crews that “while the calendar may say its October 16th… I need you to think like it’s August 16th.” With the current weather patterns here in the PNW, we have another good week of potential fire weather. In fact a new fire broke out up north in the Puget Sound area yesterday. Please folks, if you are out in the great outdoors, take precautions and be safe.
  • One “spark” could start this entire thing all over again.

Thanks and have a great Sunday!!

Red Flag Warning for area

Information also available at: InciWeb

Current Maps:

Nakia Fire Trail Closure Map

10/15/2022 Update:

Not much new to report today that we have not shared over the past few days.

Crews continue to work to secure a good fire line around the fire. Today will bring additional challenges as the area is under a Red Flag Warning. This means due to strengthening east winds with the very warm temperatures, dry conditions and low humidity that it only takes the smallest of a spark for a fire to start and spread.

Additionally we know there have been a lot of questions about smoke. The vast majority is not from Nakia Creek Fire or even the other fires in SW Washington. The NW flow is pushing smoke down from numerous other fires in NW and north central Washington as well as British Columbia.

Please DO NOT call 9-1-1 about smoke in the area… Please DO Call if you see flames!

We hope everyone has a great Saturday and please recreate safely!!

10/14/2022 Update:

What a beautiful drive on the way back from this morning’s briefing.

A lot of progress was made yesterday:

• Crews continue to work on reinforcing fire lines on the fire.

• All planned hose lays are now in place. (This allows fire crews to put water on “hot spots”

• Dozer Lines continued to tie in other places.

Today plan includes:

• Crews will be doing what is called “mop up” along the fire perimeter. This is where they make sure the fire is completely out, and nothing is still smoldering… a log, stump or even underground.

• The goal is a good solid 100 ft. of black around the fire.

This is a Water Tender… They will be shuttling a lot more water today.

• With that, there will be a lot more water shuttles happening by water tenders on roads. We have shared a picture of what those trucks look like. Please be sure to slow down and give them room on the roads.

• Additionally as we start seeing winds over the next couple days, we might see small plumes of smoke within the fire. Please note that we will see some of these for some time in the region..

• We will see more smoke in the area due to weather.. not due to additional fire activity. Be sure to stay indoor or take precautions if you have any respiratory issues,.


We know folks want to share their gratitude for crews. Here are be best options:

10/13/2022 Update:

Good News:

Weather conditions worked in firefighters favor as the fire size has not grown.

All of the fire lines on the Southwest and South side of the fire continue to hold. Really important to those in the evacuation zones.

Much work was accomplished in securing more lines on the other three sides of the fire. While they made progress, there is still much work to be done on those pieces.

Now the Not So Good News:

At this time there are no plans to change any of the current evacuation zone notices . There are some major weather challenges coming into the region this weekend, and fire officials want to make sure those lines they have created hold.

We are also adding a trails closed map.

Deer Season opens on Saturday, howeer section GMU-Washougal- 568 will remain closed. (Where it overlays with the fire)

A couple other notes:

This fire season has been a long one for fire crews. They have been putting in long days for several months now. (Usually fire season is over in Ocotber in this part of the country.) We want to thank them for all their efforts.

Days are also getting shorter and especially in those early hours of the day and after the sun goes down… PLEASE slow down. There are many fire vehicles out on the roads in this area.

10/12/2022 Update:

CRESA Emergency Management just got back from the morning briefing with the Incident Management Team on the Nakia Creek Fire.

Good News:

Overnight they were able to fly the fire, and it is smaller than thought yesterday. The Fire is at 156 acres.

A lot of good work was done yesterday to improve the firelines that were already in place mostly on the south side of the fire… That is good news for those in the evacuation zones.

Fire Information is now also available on InciWeb. The Incident Management Team will be providing updates there daily, Additionally, they are hoping to add some pictures and video.

Now the NOT so Good News:

Please folks… No Drones… we did put out that message yesterday, and that did seem to help… Lets keep it that way!!

Finally – PLEASE – PLEASE stay out of the area and allow firefighters to do their job. If you live in the area and must be on roadways being used by Fire Personnel, we ask that you PLEASE SLOW DOWN!! We do not need any addtional emergencies in the area.

An update to Inciweb should be coming this morning.. Thanks and have a GREAT day!!

Road Closures:

All access between the L-1600 Road at the Jones Creek ORV Trailhead and the L-1500 Road at Four Corners is currently closed. This includes all motorized trails in the Jones Creek and Hagen Creek systems, as well as the Larch Mountain Trailhead.

10/11/2022 Update:

The Nakia Fire was reported on 10/9/22 on Larch Mountain, Washington DNR Land. The fire was worked during the evening and into Monday by local fire crews and State Land using aviation tools due to location and terrain. Last estimates, the fire had burned about 250 acres. The Fire showed some extreme fire behavior on Monday, but crews were making good progress on handlines in the steep, rocky terrain. Please avoid the fire area, and pay attention to all closure signs. At this time, there are 90 personnel on scene and the fire is estimated at 10% contained.

Evacuation Notices:

Monday evening, Washington State DNR requested CRESA to assist in sending out Notification notices to homes who may need to evacuate. Below is the original map of the different zones.

Updated Fire Map with Evacuation Zones Overlay 10/12/2022
Original Fire Map with Evacuation Overlay 10/10/2022

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA911) Emergency Management sent out notifications to homes within the 3 different levels Monday Evening.

Please no Drones on the fire


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