Kelli Horning

Director of Coummicnations

Kelli is our director of communications. She manages communications with mortgage and finance companies and makes sure our mail, email, billing and cancellation notices are sent out as needed. Kelli doesn’t answer the phones as she used to because she spends most of her time making sure things are running smoothly around the office and communications are happening with our clients, insurance companies, mortgage, and finance companies.

Born and raised in Oregon, Kelli has a bachelor’s degree in child development and although she loves children she has enjoyed working in the insurance industry. Kelli and her husband, Carl, live in North Plains on the family property where they built their home. Kelli, Carl and their daughter Eva share their home with their dogs, Mojo and Luca. They enjoy outdoor activities and spend most of their time on their family property but in their free time, winter weekends are spent snowboarding while summer weekends they can be found at the beach relaxing.

Kelli Does Not Work Tuesdays