Kelli Horning

Service Manager

Kelli is our service team manager. She manages our service team, ensuring our client’s needs are met daily. She keeps our staff educated and informed on updates with our companies. Kelli oversees client reviews and keeps an eye on our team workload to ensure client requests are handled by the appropriate person in the office.


Born and raised in Oregon, Kelli has a bachelor’s degree in child development, and although she loves children, she has enjoyed working in the insurance industry. Kelli and her husband, Carl, live in North Plains on their family property where they built their home. Kelli, Carl, and their daughter Eva share their home with their dogs, Mojo and Luca. The family enjoys outdoor activities and spends a lot of their time on their property, but Kelli can also be found indoors snuggled up on the couch for a good Hallmark movie.

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Kelli Does Not Work Tuesdays

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