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RightTrack mobile app — FAQs

Where is RightTrack Mobile available?

RightTrack Mobile is not available in the following states: AK, CA, Washington D.C., DE, HI, and NC. We also offer a RightTrack Plug-in program for customers in NY.

Which driving behaviors does RightTrack observe?

The RightTrack discount is based on the following driving behaviors: total miles driven, nighttime driving, braking, and acceleration.

Is there a cost associated with the program?

The RightTrack app is free but similar to other apps on your phone, it utilizes data. Applicable data charges will be the responsibility of the smartphone owner.

How is my final discount calculated?

By participating in RightTrack, you will receive a final discount between 5% and 30%. The final discount is determined by evaluating the driving behavior of all drivers on your policy. Drivers who participate contribute to the overall policy savings by sharing their driving behavior. Drivers who do not participate will reduce the overall policy savings because their driving behavior is unknown.

Can I transfer the discount when I add or replace a vehicle on my policy?

Yes. If you change or add new vehicles at any point, we will apply your RightTrack discount to those vehicles. Please contact Safeco for assistance with changing or adding vehicles.

Will the discount be applicable for the life of my policy?

Yes, your final RightTrack discount will apply to your vehicles, or their replacements, for the life of your policy.

Can I opt-out of RightTrack before completing the review period?

Yes. You can opt-out at any time during the 90-day review period by contacting Safeco. Your insurance coverage will continue, but your initial discount will be removed from your policy and your premium will be adjusted to reflect this change.

How does the program work?

RightTrack is a program that puts you in control of your auto policy savings. We’ll notice the safe choices you’re making on the road, and you could save up to $513 per year, a discount you’ll keep for the life of your policy. After you enroll, simply download the app, drive for 90 days and save!

Once you enroll in RightTrack, you will immediately receive an initial discount on your auto policy. Drivers on your policy will need to download the Safeco RightTrack app and register. Then, all you have to do is drive as you normally would for 90 days. At the end of the program, we will determine your final RightTrack discount and apply it to your policy.

Is a discount guaranteed at the end of the RightTrack review period?

Yes. However, your final discount may be greater than or less than your initial discount based on driving performance and the number of drivers participating. Maximize your savings by encouraging all drivers on your policy to participate, and by demonstrating safe driving behaviors. Non-participating drivers will reduce your savings. If your final discount is less than your initial discount, you will receive a bill for the difference.

How will Safeco notify me of my final discount?

Your final discount will be applied to your policy once all participating drivers have completed their review periods, replacing your initial discount. Once this has occurred, you will be notified in the app and by email. If your final discount is different than your initial discount, you will also receive new policy documents that reflect this change to your premium within a few weeks after completing the program.

Updated on September 16, 2022
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