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Mutual of Enumclaw

Thoughtful is how we do things. For us, thoughtful is more than a word—it’s the foundation of everything we do. We consider every detail, plan ahead, look out for each other, and do what’s right. We’re making good things happen, so we can make our members’ lives a little bit easier. Mutual means members come first. We don’t have a conference room full of stockholders telling us what to do—our members are our owners. That gives us freedom to look out for their best interests, and to make decisions that help people in times of need. Our local, independent agents. There’s only one way to get coverage from Mutual of Enumclaw, and that’s to go through a local, independent agent. It may sound old fashioned when so many other things in our lives have become automated and impersonal. But this is a way of doing business that keeps us closely connected to the communities we serve. Our agents are your neighbors, and they have a deep understanding of the circumstances our communities face. So while we embrace innovation in other ways, that personal touch will always remain.
Personal Auto Insurance, Personal Umbrella Insurance, Homeowner Insurance, Watercraft Insurance
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