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Multnomah Falls Named Top Instagrammable Waterfall In US

We all know how pretty The Beaver State is. Oregon is chock-full of hiking trails, gorgeous coastal vistas, snowcapped mountains, tranquil mountain lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, high desert sunsets, and breathtaking views. It’s no surprise then that Oregon has been in the news a lot lately for having some of the best resorts and hiking trails, or that it’s been named as one of the top most outdoorsy states in the nation. We know how great our state is because many of us are out enjoying the outdoors at every possible opportunity. It’s nice to see that our gorgeous state is getting so much recognition in so many different ways though. Recently, our very own Multnomah Falls was named as the number one most Instagrammable waterfall in the US.

Most Instagrammable Waterfall In The United States

Multnomah Falls In fall, featuring fall colors.
A stunning autumn shot of Multnomah Falls, courtesy of Bonnie Moreland

Bonus Finder recently put out a list of the top most Instagrammable spots in the U. S. Their list is sorted into categories like waterfalls, state parks, and botanical gardens. The Bonus Finder list isn’t made up of the author’s opinions about which place is the prettiest, it’s based on data, such as how many times the hashtag for a certain place was used on Instagram. In this case, Multnomah Falls came in number one with 289,831 hashtags. That’s a lot of photos of our state’s tallest waterfall on Instagram.

People walking up the steps at Multnomah Falls.
Multnomah Falls in Fog-Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (Photo by U.S. Forest Service / Flickr)

With Multnomah Falls being so close to Portland and so easy to access (and because it’s a pretty spot), it makes sense that it would be photographed so often. It’s a busy spot that can be hard to get into, which is why you now need a timed use permit to visit. Multnomah Falls gets 1.3 million visitors per year, which means it can be hard to find parking, which is where the timed use permit comes into play. You buy your permit ahead of time (up to 14 days in advance), and then show up at the appointed day and time your permit allows for.

Multnomah Falls
Image via /

Currently timed used permits are needed to visit Multnomah Falls between May 24th and September 2nd, from 9 AM to 6 PM daily.

Stay up to date with the latest Oregon outdoor news with That Oregon Life.

Source: That Oregon Life

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