📣📢 PSA: If you plan to fly… If you haven’t heard, Oregon will be complying with the Real ID Act. This means that you can obtain an Oregon Real ID card in July of this year. Heres the kicker… a Real ID or Passport (or other federally approved ID) will be mandatory on all commercial flights within the US effective October 1st. Your old driver’s license doesn’t cut it anymore. Yes, that’s right, you only have 3 months to update your Oregon drivers license so that it is Real ID compliant (if you don’t have a passport). What to remember: ~ Apply for an Oregon Real ID 7/6/2020 ~ Expect long lines at DMV ~ Follow Atkinson Insurance Group for the latest news ~ Find your passport If you have any questions about Oregon’s Real ID requirements, post them in the comments section below! 💬💬 #RealD https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/pages/realidtraveler.aspx

Hey Atkinson Insurance Group Family! For those of you don’t know me, my name is Todd Blacksher and I want to take a quick moment to tell you about a new initiative we have here around the office called “Team Thursdays”. This is our chance to answer any sort of repeat insurance questions that we get, as well as give you a behind-the-scenes look of how our office operates. So PLEASE, if you’ve got a burning insurance question you just have to know the answer to, please post in the comment section below. Thanks!

How many of you run a small or family business? 💼 💼 Many of you may be aware of the main risks that affect our world, such as economic, environmental, geopolitical, etc., but how many of you stop and think just how many risks that small or family businesses are faced with? Take a look at this picture (courtesy of, the World Economic Forum) to see just some of the challenges that small businesses may encounter. If any of you are data nerds like myself, click the link below and review the full report. https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1Gb0000002VDnNEAW