Who can I insure to drive my car?

Anyone who regularly drives your vehicle should be added as a driver on your policy as well as anyone in your household or who has regular access to your vehicle. We always think it is better to be safe now than be sorry later. Otherwise, you will need to exclude household members from any coverage […]

How can I get the cheapest car insurance?

Auto Accident

Other than the tips we provided above, it is important that you choose an insurance agency with an excellent reputation that focuses on spending time to get to know you and your situation personally to provide the right auto insurance package for you, instead of companies that spit out a quote and ask for a […]

When is a Good Time to Shop for Auto Insurance?

Your rates are likely to change during major life events. Listed below are a few examples of a good time to start shopping for auto insurance. Purchasing a new vehicle Adding or removing a driver from a policy, especially a teen driver Buying a home or simply moving zip codes Car accident, DUI and/or major […]

5 Reasons you Need Car Insurance

Protect your assets from a lawsuit (home, savings accounts, etc) – We want to protect the things you don’t think about. Preserve the investment you have in your car – Mustang Megan wasn’t cheap, show her what she’s worth. Afford medical bills for you and your passengers should an accident occur – Accidents can hurt, […]