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I am resubmitting this review, as it did not go through the first time. Recently shopping for insurance, and a relative referred me to the folks at Atkinson. I was curious as to who they were, having never heard of them, but elected to give them a shot. I called and spoke with Kaity, and scheduled an appointment to further discuss my options for setting up a new plan with them.

The Atkinson team is a small team, and is professional in every way. Upon visiting their establishment, I was met with a smile, and complete courtesy in every way. Kaity and her team has been more than helpful, and I now have a new insurance coverage plan that will be saving me money over my previous existing plan.

With the folks at Atkinson, there are no smoke and mirrors in their operation. If you have a question or concern about a policy, you will get a direct answer, period. Albeit a name that you might not have heard of, they are more than willing to help, and stand by their customers. If there was a 10-star recommendation option I would gladly post it, as this little company has truly earned it. Thanks for everything, I look forward to working with you guys for years to come!!! 😁

Thank you so much Tom Kelly II!

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