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We are an independent insurance agency. We operate a little differently from captive insurance agencies. Captive insurance agents are employed by the insurance company and can only represent that insurance company’s offerings. We, on the other hand, operate independently of the insurance companies. We choose which companies we want to represent and they choose us! We are in partnership with different companies so that we can offer a variety of options to best serve you and your unique insurance protection needs.

At the time you first sign up with us we conduct a comprehensive review of your individualized needs. We will determine the recommended insurance limits and review which company is best suited for your needs. We will also proactively conduct an internal review of your insurance any time your auto insurance premium increases by more than the average amount for that given year.

You can always ask us if your current company is still the best option. Sometimes it is and sometimes we’ll provide suggestions for changes in your coverages or a new company altogether.

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