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What happens when your insurance policy renews?

Your insurance policy is up for renewal but what does that mean? Does your policy renew automatically? Do we review things for you? What about home remodels, changes in drivers, or how many miles you drive?

Here at Atkinson Insurance Group, we have an internal renewal process. Kelli pulls a daily report of all upcoming auto insurance policy renewals. Auto insurance premiums fluctuate more than home/renters insurance which is one reason we have chosen to focus our daily reports on auto. In most cases, your home or renters policy renewal date aligns with your auto and we are able to review both policies. After the reports are pulled Kelli will email you a pre-recorded video to share a bit about what’s going on in the industry and what you can expect with your renewals. She will reach out to you, if necessary, as she monitors driving activity and other major household changes. We are proactively reviewing existing policies and/or re-quoting you with other companies every three to four years or when a significant increase in premiums is evident. We will reach out to you with any recommended changes.

What do YOU need to do at renewal time? Notify us of any changes in mileage, vehicles, drivers, any home remodeling, a new roof, or if you would like to re-visit your protection options. Your policies will renew automatically and remain on the same payment plan unless you hear from us otherwise. If at any time you would like us to review your policies for additional coverage, lower premiums or other company options call, email, or text us!

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